Sunday, January 10, 2010


Thought of sharing some of my views on the recent private bus strike in Kerala. The private bus owners' association went on strike in the state demanding four things. Increase the bus fare, increase student's concession rate, ask government-owned KSRTC buses to run on alloted timings, and to stop harassing them on speed governance.

It has been accused that there was an understanding between the association and the government. It seems the government had asked the association to go on strike so that a few days later they can increase the charges stating "there was no other go." And the government's benefit in this? CAN INCREASE KSRTC BUS FARES TOO, WHICH IS RUNNING IN A LOSS.

This accusation holds good in my belief. If you observe, they went on strike following a three-hour discussion, and they withdrew the strike following a 10-min discussion where nothing new was assured to them. It all went wrong for both sides when the HIGH COURT of Kerala intervened during strike saying "Bus fares should not be altered unless they withdrew strike and start services." The earlier nexus went for a sixer now!! There was no other go for them but to withdraw the strike.

Today High Court went ahead and added "DO NOT INCREASE FARES WITHOUT OUR DIRECTIVES."

The end result? Public was fooled, put into all sorts of trouble by both the association and the government. Who cares for the public now? At least at this point in time where there are no elections? The day elections come we can see them again wagging tails in front of public for votes!!.

Well, well, well, I would definitely like to see more of court interventions in the future. What else to do if the government is a shameless one?

FINAL POINT: Heard that the government is planning to increase the minimum fare from Rs. 3.50 to Rs. 4.00, which I believe is a good move as it does not harm both the bus owners and the public in any ways. How? Well, try giving Rs. 4:00 to a conductor and how often do you get back the 50 paise? So in any case, they are taking Rs. 4:00 and we are giving Rs. 4:00. But don't ever think that 50 paise has no value today. It has. Try giving the same conductor Rs. 3:00 and he will stare at you or may even ask you to get down. In short 50 paise has value for a conductor but not for the passenger!! Amen!!


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Venkatesan Kartik said...

In short 50 paise has value for a conductor but not for the passenger!! Amen!!

WOW, never knew such a lovely writer exists in you sir...

take the lead and direct me to a new path..., i mean, polish my writing...

and really to tell, your thoughts are freely flowing out, and when i see my own writings, i feel i've stressed my mind to write down things, and when i see your writings its lovely, free thought flow process,

I now understand what they say by experience and age...

you are really ahead of us...


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