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Written by Kambangudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer and composed by Devarajan Master, Harivarasanam, is played at the Sabarimala temple every evening after the final pooja is done. As the song reaches its final verses, all assistant priests leave the Sreekovil. By the the time the song ends, only the head priest is inside who then extinguishes the lamps one by one and closes the doors for the night.

Harivarasanam Viswamohanam
Haridadheeswaram Aaradhyapadukam
Arivimarddanam Nithyanarthanam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Sharanakirthanam Bhakthamanasam
Bharanalolupam Narthanalasam
Arunabhasuram Bhoothanayakam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Pranayasathyakam Praananayakam
Pranathakalpakam Suprabhanchitham
Pranavamandiram Keerthanapriyam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Thuragavahanam Sundarananam
Varagadayudham Vedavarnitham
Gurukrupakaram Keerthanapriyam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Thribhuvanarchitham Devathathmakam
Thrinayanam Prabhum Divyadeshikam
Thridashapoojitham Chinthithapradam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Bhavabhayapaham Bhavukavaham
Bhuvanamohanam Bhoothibhooshanam
Dhavalavahanam Divyavaranam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Kalamridusmitham Sundarananam
Kalabhakomalam Gathramohanam
Kalabhakesari Vaajivahanam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

Shrithajanapriyam Chinthithapradam
Shruthivibhushanam Sadhujeevanam
Shruthimanoharam Geethalalasam
Hariharathmajam Devamashraye
Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa (4)

panchadreeshwari mangalam
hari hara premakruthey mangalam
pinchalamkrutha mangalam
pranamathaam chinthamani mangalam
panchasyadwaja mangalam
thrujagadhamadhya prabhoo mangalam
panchastropama mangalam
shruthisirolankaara san mangalam

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has implemented Cheque Truncation System (CTS) effective from 01 October, 2012. It has directed all banks to issue only CTS-2010 compliant cheques. Hence the current cheques won't work starting Jan 1, 2013. Banks are busy sending the new cheques with MICR and IFSC. Cheques will have to be in a standard paper type across the banks, with a water mark in the center and the bank's logo. Corrections on cheques are not allowed, which means if you make a mistake, you will have to write a new one. The paper has chemical sensitivity to any solvents, acids, bleaches etc. Basically it is aimed at reducing frauds, and to simplify cheque clearing system whereby cheques can be cleared electronically the same day, saving time and manpower. If any post dated cheques have been issued, those needs to be collected back from the lender and issued a new one.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kandisa - Indian Ocean

Considered to be originators of fusion rock in India -- Susmit Sen, Asheem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam together formed Indian Ocean band in the 90s. Susmit's guitar and Amit's drums, when in sync, can't stop listening to it...simply awesome. Vocals for the group mostly rendered by Rahul Ram itself, also taking care of bass guitar. Unfortunately, Asheem passed away in 2009 due to cardiac arrest. To me Indian Ocean is any time...any them!!! 

Kandisa is a prayer in ancient Aramaic, a 3000 year old Semitic language. Ancient Aramaic is the language that Jesus Christ spoke. A modern version of Aramaic is spoken even now in parts of Syria. Indian Ocean has transformed Kandisa into a superb song...

Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Hylsana,
Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Hylsana.
aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen.
sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba-ha Qudisa-ha,
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukrana.

aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen,
sliha Mar Yose, Almadbaha Qudisa-ha.
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukrana.
Kandisa Alaha, Kandisa Hylsana, Kandisa La Ma Yosa Isaraham Alem.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Time - The Teacher - PART II

Doctors said that there is infection in his lungs which is stopping it from working to its full potential, thus lesser the intake of oxygen, and indirectly it was making the heart and the system weak. Reason for this was heavy smoking during the young days. My dad quit smoking almost 20 years back but the initial impact was still there. I have request for buddies who have this habit, please don't take your kid to the cliff for fear for silly pleasures, not everyone will get people like I got to shoulder the situation.

After the breathing trouble, the only option left was doing a bypass surgery and dad's condition demanded him to be in ICU till he is fit enough to stay away from the external support. As the condition got bad, the cost of solution went up. Now more monetary arrangements needed to be done. I told mom that there is a change in the situation and hence change of plan. She timely called my dad's childhood friend, Mani Uncle, at Mumbai and informed him about the problems. Parallel, my sister called her childhood friend, Anu, at Bangalore and asked for some help. Within few minutes they called me enquiring about dad's condition. Uncle told that he would deposit an amount in my account and Anu told that she would ask her father-in-law and dad to come to hospital with whatever is necessary for hospital expenses.

With people helping us timely, the inner voice told me that God is with dad. By this time it was almost one week in the hospital. I too didn't go home ever since I came to GKNM. With the cute member at home, mom had a hard time managing household chores itself. Baby used to sleep during day and cry the whole night, so my mom already was serving a 24 hour service at home.

In the mean time, my manager, Ranjith, came for a visit to the hospital. He enquired about the condition and asked me if we can go out for a walk. When we reached his car, he handed over a pouch to me with some gold. There were four bangles and a necklace in it. He advised me to make use of it when needed. Whom should I thank? Should I thank all those wonderful souls or the almighty for paving a life where these souls are part of!!!

I don't think I would have ever had that courage to do the same if I were in my friends' place. There wasn't a second thought by them whatsoever. I would like to also remember my friends' wives too, as without their support I don't think it would have been practical for them too to rotate such big amount.

Before that crucial day, we had to make arrangements for blood. At this time, my friend, Sathyaseelan, made a visit to the hospital with his friend and handed me with 10K. Just an enquiry to him if he knew anyone resulted in chain of phone calls and within few hours we saw a gang marching into the hospital for blood donation. I was really taken back. I don't know who and all were involved in the phone call and information sharing but it was stunning -- the response time.

The all important day came and the surgery was conducted without much trouble. It was lengthy and tense one. Since the path to recovery was slow, dad had to be in the ICU for longer time than normal. He was in the ICU for nearly 20 days since he was dependent on external support. Later he was taken to the ward. It was tough for him as the lung's condition made it difficult and he had to be oxygen-supported all the time.

Being on the water bed inside the AC during the days in the ICU made it hard for him to sleep as the muscles and body was finding it uncomfortable. Every second was uncertain. There was a lot of worry beneath on what next as there was an initial experience of health worsening and going back to ICU. The biggest solace came in the form of Ward Nurse Elizabeth who was very patient listening to us, caring and helping. 

The doctors worked together in deciding the medicines and injected antibiotics that gradually brought down the infection level and he was able to breathe independent of the mask. Though dad couldn't do the physical exercise as the normal patients were asked to, he was feeling far better and improved than the initial days. We could sense that there was some sort of fear undergoing the toughest days of his life. Now he is far improved and fit, back to the routine.

Looking back I really wonder if it was a dream or reality that we faced. Time had frozen for nearly a month teaching very important lessons of life. One important point to notice here is about the people who helped us liberally, emotionally, morally as well as monetarily. People whom we counted a lot turned out to be Siva, Mani uncle and Mahesh and Ramesh Bai - all the four used to call me daily asking for updates and injecting positive energy. And every other friend was whom we never expected to play such a vital role in a situation like this. One key learning is the real nature of people around you will come to light during crucial time. Never expect a person to support you just because he/she talks too much sweet and at the same time never misunderstand anyone just because they are silent and not expressive.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Time - The Teacher - PART 1

Time - Nature's greatest gift for human species. I always wonder what all things one can do with this universally unbiased allotment for the life time!!! Everything that we see in the world in the form of achievements, inventions, creativity, history are all result of collection of events with time.

One particular angle I would like to note here is that Time gives us the opportunity to understand people. Yes, it may be either over a period of Time that one would realize or it may be when facing a Critical Time that we come to know about the real value of people.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is a popular proverb that we often use but in my life it goes something like this "When the going gets tough, people blessed with better companions get going."

On August 1, 2012, my sister delivered "Prarthana," our greatest momentum of Joy. We were all busy planning for the ear-piercing ceremony and suddenly this happened. On August 7, 2012, I was in deep sleep after returning from the night shift work. Around 10 AM, my mom woke me up stating dad is complaining of severe chest pain. He claimed it as gastric and was reluctant to go hospital but the pain's intensity stated otherwise. He laid down on the bed stating he was tired and within few seconds he vomited. It was panic all around. Meantime, my sis called for a call taxi.

I informed my cousin working in GKNM Hospital and rushed there. The driver updated the cops that it is an emergency and that good hearted cop made way for us stopping other vehicles. We were on time and dad was diagnosed with heart attack, which demanded immediate Angioplasty. Just coming out of a major expense, out wallet was almost dry. I called my friend Siva Kumar, who had similar experience when we went to Sabarimala and asked for inputs. After his experience he had good knowledge on this ailment.

My cousin was there with me from the time we reached hospital and was guiding me. By this time, Siva Kumar too reached hospital. He said he will go home and see how much he can help me. In the mean time, I called Ramesh Bai and explained him the situation. He ensured me that he will be there the next day and not to worry.

The angioplasty was done and dad was in the ICU. Since the heart was in a weak condition, doctors suggested there maybe a need for placing stent, but some time later looking at future diagnosis. He was in observation for a day and then moved to the ward. By this time Siva and Ramesh Bai had come to hospital. When they both were there, dad was doing fine, but for some heavy coughing.

During night, the coughing got severe and my dad was finding it hard to breath. Though they tried every means to bring breathing back to normal, the strain was getting worse and the night in-charge decided to take him back into ICU. It is one of the toughest days in my life. I was literally shivering. If not for the emotional and moral support from my fiancee through these tough days, I don't think I would have survived to share this now.

In the morning, we were eager to know what the situation is.

To be contd............


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Just Like That -7

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Just Like That - 6

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Petrol price hike can't wait any longer - Oil Companies (The Hindu)

Read: Hartal Can't Wait Any Longer In Kerala - The panacea for all problems, at least so thinks the mentally retarted ones here.

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Ente Keralam, Ethra Sundaram......

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Time to shut down CBI: Rajasthan High Court

Love that! CBI has become a puppet in the hands of politicians, especially the ruling government. Gone are the days of anyone fearing hearing the name of a CBI enquiry. Just look at the cases they have taken over the last five years. In many of the cases the final report kept changing!!! It's high time Rajasthan High Court's view is put into practice.